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Educational Programs

3rd-6th GRADES BEGINNING OCT. 3, 2017

Take a trip through time with one of our educational guided field trips. All tours must be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance by calling (903) 450-4502. A $20 deposit is required to guarantee the tour date and time. This fee will go towards the admission cost and is refundable if a tour is cancelled at least three days in advance except in extreme weather conditions. Regular tours cost $6 adults and $4 seniors/college students. For students the new themed, interactive tours will cost $3 per student while the regular, general tour will still cost $2 per student unless your school district has joined the museum's school enrollment program. For every 15 students, 1 adult chaperone is admitted free of charge. As of right now the new tours are only available to 3rd - 6th grades; all other grades will be able to do the regular, general tour.

Teachers will need to decide first which theme they want to do and then which tour within that theme.
Click on the links for additional information:

The World at War: WWI & WWII, Korea, Vietnam and it's heroes including Audie Murphy
3rd - 4th Grades: A Day in the Life of a Hero
5th - 6th Grades: Inventions
3rd - 6th Grades: Food Rationing in WWII

Pre & Post Visit Activities Include:
Military Glossary
Picture This Activity
Military Wordsearch
Military Crossword Puzzle answer key
Matching Activity
Spelling Challenge
Decipher the Code
Multiple Choice
Activities for Today's Home Front
How Would Rationing Affect My Life
Rationing Today pg. 2 pg. 3
One-Egg Victory Cake

King Cotton: How it was Grown and Manufactured, its beginnings in Hunt County and its
importance to growth in Hunt County

3rd - 4th Grades: Paddle Board Check Point Activity
3rd - 4th Grades: Cotton & Clothes
5th - 6th Grades: Be the Cotton Farmer
5th - 6th Grades: Be the Cotton Broker

Pre & Post Visit Activities Include:
Cotton Glossary
Cotton Life Cycle
Picture This Activity
Cotton Wordsearch
Cotton Crossword Puzzle answer key
Cotton Worksheet
Word Scramble
Cotton Cryptogram
Cotton Gin Model
Countdown to Cotton Booklet A B C D E

Living in Early Hunt County
3rd - 4th Grades: Native American Pinch Pot
3rd - 4th Grades: One-Room Schoolhouse
5th - 6th Grades: Advertising
3rd - 6th Grades: A Trip to Town

Pre and Post Visit Activities Include:
Early Hunt County Glossary
Picture This Activity
Crossword Puzzle answer key
1920s slang
Activity Suggestions

General Tour - 90 minutes long, covers a brief overview of both the history of cotton and life story of Audie Murphy and brief history of other Hunt County heroes. Available for all grades. Maximum number of students per tour is 50.



School Enrollment Program

The School Program is a wonderful opportunity for schools to consider when planning their outreach and field trip activities. For all school districts who participate, the Museum offers a sliding scale fee based on school enrollment so all of the classes in your school district can tour the Museum at no additional cost for one year.

Student Enrollment
Annual Fee
2,000 or more
1,000 - 1,999
Less than 500

Joining the School Program gives teachers the opportunity to take learning outside of the classroom. The students, many of whom cannot afford extras, are able to take part in learning more about the fascinating history of our region. With all of the changes taking place at the Museum it is an opportune time to rediscover our fascinating history. If your school district would like to join our School Program please contact the Audie Murphy/American Cotton Museum at (903) 450-4502.


Research Library

The museum has a research collection focusing primarily on cotton, military and Hunt County history.
To conduct research in the library schedule a visit ahead of time by calling (903) 450-4502. Books and
research materials cannot leave the museum.