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The gift shop at the Audie Murphy/American Cotton Museum offers a unique selection of gifts and souvenirs relating to Audie Murphy, military history, cotton and Hunt County history for the entire family. Ranging from t-shirts and mugs to military ducks and toys there is something for everyone. We also specialize in carrying items from local artists including pottery, glassware, soaps and hand-knitted cotton washcloths. A number of our books are available for purchase online.



hell & back

To Hell and Back: The Epic Combat Journal of World War II's Most Decorated
G.I. Audie Murphy
by Audie Murphy
Softcover, 288 pgs. reprint edition May 2002
ISBN: 0805070869

Forword by Tom Brokaw. Audie Murphy brings us his own first experience of death in war. He recounts his most remarkable military career in World War II which led to him becoming the most decorated soldier of World War II.

Audie Murphy: War Hero and Movie Star by Judy Alter
Hardcover children's book, 64 pgs.

Aimed at 4th graders studying for the the Texas history section of the TAKS test, the book tells about Audie Murphy, a true American hero whose life was a rags-to-riches story. But the author shows that fame does not always bring happiness.


American Hero: The Audie Murphy Story by Peggy Caravantes
Softcover, 144 pgs. Young adult series
ISBN: 1888105593

The story of America's greatest modern war hero, whose boyish good looks and likable personality led after World War II to a career as a movie star in western and action films. Though his life was cut short in a tragic accident, his name stands as a synonym for soldierly courage and bravery under fire.


Dogface Soldiers: The Story of B Company, 15th Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division.  From Fedala to Salzburg:  Audie Murphy and His Brothers in Arms by Daniel R. Champagne
Softcover, 321 pgs.

The story of the B Company foot soldiers highlighting Audie Murphy and focusing on the spirit of the B Company.

Audie Murphy: Now Showing by Sue Gossett
Hardcover, 207 pgs.
ISBN: 0944019382

Celebrates the movie career of Audie Murphy. It contains more than 500 black and white photo illustrations of advertising materials used to promote the 44 films given to Audie's credit. The contents include photos of movie 1-sheet posters, lobby and window display cards, half sheets, publicitiy items and more.

The Films and Career of Audie Murphy - America's Real Hero by Sue Gossett
Softcover, 200 pgs.
ISBN: 0944019226

Ms. Gossett gives a complete filmography of Audie Murphy's acting career. She also covers parts of his personal and military life. Many photographs.


A Myth in Action: The Heroic Life of Audie Murphy by Ann Levingston Joiner
Softcover, 207 pgs.
ISBN: 1424137020

Relates the life of a Texas farm boy who enlisted in the army in 1942. By the end of WWII, at 5ft 6in and barely 20 years old, he had been field commissioned and had won more medals for valor than any soldier in American history. Coming home a legend, he spent the rest of his life portraying heroes in Hollywood films.


The Films of Audie Murphy by Bob Larkins and Boyd Magers
Softcover, 222 pgs.

An illustrated work that not only traces Audie Murphy's life as a film actor (from 1948-1971) but also provides a biography that runs from his birth to his three years in the army. Eaco of the 49 film entries gives full credits and comments and anecdotes from interviews with Murphy's colleagues.


The Last of the Cowboy Heroes: The Westerns of Randolph Scott, Joel McCrea, and Audie Murphy by Robert Nott
Softcover, 185 pgs.

This account of these three stars' careers begins in 1946 when all three committed themselves to Western roles. Arranched chronologically and balanced among the three actors, the text concludes with Audie's last western in 1967. The text covers both the personal and professional lives of the three Hollywood cowboys and is complemented by photographs and a filmography for each.

In the Footsteps of Valor:  A Personal Pictorial Diary of WWII -- “Then & Now” by Henry Bodden
Hardcover, 221 pages
ISBN:  978-0-9847055-1-1

“When you write about history, walk the ground.”  That is exactly what the author has done as he has compiled a pictorial diary of his personal experiences in visiting actual battle sites.  Through his ”then and now” photographs and his interviews with WWII veterans, one comes away with a deeper appreciation of what WWII meant to America.  Includes 27 pages about Audie Murphy.
11 x 14 inches on white. Audie Murphy in western gear by June True.
11 x 14 inches on white. Audie Murphy in Military uniform by June True.

A Flying Tiger’s Diary by Charles R. Bond, Jr. and Terry H. Anderson
Softcover, 237 pages             
ISBN:  0890964084

This journal of ace pilot Charles Bond, the first diary ever published by a member of Claire Chennault’s legendary Flying Tigers, vividly preserves Bond’s experiences in aerial combat against the Japanese.  It also documents the training and living conditions of “the most colorful group of warriors in modern time.”


George-3-7th Marines:  A Brief Glimpse through Time of a Group of Young Marines by Jim Nicholson
Hardcover, 623 pages            
ISBN:  978-1-4269-4783-4

The never-before-told tales of the battle-hardened Marines of G-3-7 were collected and recorded by one of their own.  This is the story of the bloody marine infantry campaigns fought in the deadly mountain ranges of Korea; it is a story told by the men who fought there--and died anonymously--in the “Forgotten War.”

Softcover, 623 pages             
ISBN:  978-1-4269-4782-7

texas experience

The Texas Military Experience: From the Texas Revolution through WWII, edited by Joseph Dawson III
Hardcover, 192 pgs.

Ever since the Alamo, the military has formed part of Texas' history and image. Focusing on the state's military heritage, prominent authors reevaluate famous personalities, reaccesses noted battles and units, and bring fresh perspectives to such matters as the interplay of fiction, film and historical understanding.


The Two Thousand Yard Stare: Tom Lea's World War II by Tom Lea
Harcover coffee table book, 212 pgs.

Commissioned by Life magazine to paint the war as it was being experienced by Allied soldiers, sailors and airmen, Tom Lea was a part of battles in nearly every theater in the war. Along with his sketchbook, he recorded observations and details on the events he witnessed. Edited by Brendan Greeley Jr, this book presents a uniquely comprehensive and sustained treatment of Lea's creative accomplishments during WWII.


Images of America: East Texas in World War II by Bill O'Neal
Softcover, 127 pgs.
ISBN:  978-0-7385-8464-5

Almost 830,000 Texans donned uniforms during WWII, and over 23,000 of them died for their country.  Using archival photographs, this book portrays the highlights of the war years, a cross-section of a valiant and triumphant era for the eastern third of Texas.  Includes Audie Murphy, the most decorated soldier; Sam Ddealey, the most decorated sailor; Dwight Eisenhower, Claire Chennault,  Admiral Nimitz, and Texas A&M University which provided more men in the armed forces than any other school in the nation.


Flying the Hump: Memories of an Air War by Otha Spencer
Softcover, 181 pgs.

At a time when Japan and China were locked in a death struggle over the Himalayas, Allied transport planes flew day and night missions to keep China supplied with its war needs. The author, a Hump pilot, weaves important dates and events together with personal accounts by survivors to tell the story of the war over the Hump.

Patton's Ill-fated Raid by Harry Thomson, WWII POW
Hardover, 271 pgs.
ISBN: 2002106470

Harry Thompson's story of survival as a non-famous, ordinary citizen, non-commissioned military drafted before Pearl Harbor into regimented life where danger seemed to be everywhere. Captured on the 2nd day of the Battle of the Bulge, imprisoned in German POW camps where the captors spoke an unfamiliar language, a forced walk across 241 miles of European soil, bombing by both the enemy and his own American Air Force and of waiting, praying and believing he would survive. Tells of imprisonment as POW in the same camp with General George Patton's son-in-law and what happened when Patton made a raid on Hammelburg. His story of patriotism pictures the realism of war experiences yet catches the reader off-guard with his appreciation of the beauty of the land across which he was walking and with his unexpected moments of humor.


Glider Infantryman:  Behind Enemy Lines in World War II by Don Rich and Kevin Brooks
Hardcover, 250 pages            
ISBN:  978-1-60344-424-8

A member of the famed Screaming Eagles of the 101st Airborne Division, author Donald Rich went ashore on D-Day at Utah Beach, was wounded in the bloody conflict at Carentan, landed in a flimsy glider on the battlefields of Holland, and survived the grim siege during the Battle of the Bulge.  This first-person narrative spans nearly three years from the time a young Iowa boy reported for duty in 1943 until his return home as a toughened bazooka gunner and verteran of five campaigns.


Red Tails:  An Oral History of the Tuskegee Airmen by John B. Holway
Softcover, 310 pages             
ISBN:  978-0-486-48500-3

Based on extensive interviews with members of the Tuskegee Airmen, the first group of African-American pilots in the history of the U.S. military.  Nicknamed “Red Tails” for the crimson tips of their P-47 Thunderbolt fighters, the airmen were also known as the “Red-Tailed Angels” by the crews of the B-17s and B-24s they escorted on long bombing runs over Central Europe.  This book offers insights into the prejudices the Red Tails had to overcome and recaptures the drama of wartime service.

Nancy Love and the WASP Ferry Pilots of World War II by Sarah Byrn Rickman
Hardcover, 310 pages            
ISBN:  978-1-57441-241-3

The story of Nancy Harkness Love who, early in WWII, recruited and led the first group of twenty-eight women to fly military aircraft for the U.S. Army.  She checked out on twenty-three different military aircraft and became the first woman to fly several of them, including the B-17 Flying Fortress. Young women serving today as combat pilots owe much to Love for creating the opportunity for women to serve.

Women Doctors in War by Judith Bellafaire & Mercedes Herrera Graf
Hardcover, 203 pages            
ISBN:  978-1-60344-146-9

This is the first book to document the story of women doctors in the military.  Beginning with the Civil War, when there were fewer than 250 female doctors in the U.S., to the present, this book traces the efforts of female physicians to serve their country on the same basis as their male counterparts--and considers the reasons these efforts have fallen short.

The Hump:  America’s Strategy for Keeping China in World War II by John D. Plating
Hardcover, 248 pages            
ISBN:  978-1-60344-237-4

In the first concentrated historical study of the world’s first sustained combat airlift operation, Plating chronlicles the most ambitious airlift in history and demonstrates its far-reaching legacy as it became the exemplary prototype of the Berlin Airlift.


Finish Forty and Home: The Untold World War II Story of B-24s in the Pacific by Phil Scearce
Hardcover, 330 pages
ISBN:  978-1-57441-316-8

The true story of the men and missions of the 11th Bombardment Group as it fought alone and unheralded in the South Central Pacific while America had its eyes on the war in Europe.


In Hostile Skies:  An American B-24 Pilot in World War II by James M. Davis
Softcover, 217 pages
ISBN:  978-1-57441-239-0    

A firsthand account of the author’s service during WWII as he piloted a B-24, as part of the 8th Air Force, on nearly thirty missions in the European Theatre.


The Royal Air Force in Texas:  Training British Pilots in Terrell during World War II by Tom Killebrew
Softcover, 169 pages
ISBN:  978-1-57441-272-7

At the beginning of WWII, RAF officials sought to train aircrews outside of England, safe from enemy attack and poor weather.  The first of six schools in the U.S., No. 1 British Flying Training School, was located in Terrell, Texas, east of Dallas where young cadets were taken into the hearts, minds and homes of local people.  By the end of the war, over 2000 RAF cadets had trained at Terrell.  This is the story of the BFTS that made an incalculable contribution to the war.


Airspeed Altitude & A Sense of Humor:  The Adventures of a Jet Tanker Pilot by Ronnie Ridley George
Softcover, 92 pages
ISBN: 1-57168-497-2

The author’s often humorous recollections of his flying experiences will be enjoyable for anyone interested in flying, but especially for military pilots. The author, a retired Captain in the USAF, recalls his earliest memories of airplanes, his own first solos, aerobatics, supersonic flight, squadron life, alert duty, combat missions, and gas stations high in the sky over Texas, Alaska, Greenland and Southeast Asia.

texas civil war

Why Texans Fought in the Civil War by Charles David Grear
Hardcover, 170 pgs.

Mining thousands of letters and unpublished journals, the author affords readers the opportunity to hear, often in the combatants own words, what motivated Texans to fight for the Confederacy.

civil war

Texas and Texans in the Great War by Ralph Wooster
Softcover, 168 pgs.

The book describes the role Texans played in World War I, both overseas in the major battles and campaigns and on the homefront, producing the materials needed to carry on a modern war. The author shows that the mobilization of the mind and spirit during the war kindled the growth of patriotism and brought Texans into the mainstream of American life for the first time since the Civil War.


The Seventh Star of the Confederacy:  Texas during the Civil War by Kenneth W. Howell, Editor
Softcover, 325 pages       
ISBN:  978-1-57441-312-0

From the battlefront to the home front, from inside the walls of a Confederate prison to inside the homes of the women and children left at home while husbands and fathers were away at war--this book discusses how Texans experienced the Civil War.  Also explored are well-known battles that took place in or near Texas.  Finally, the social and cultural aspects of the war--the experiences of women, African-Americans, Union prisoners of war, and noncombatants--are analyzed.

The Devil’s Triangle:  Ben Bickerstaff, Northeast Texans and the War of Reconstruction in Texas by James M. Smallwood, Kenneth W. Howell, and Carol C. Taylor
Hardcover, 162 pages

This study of Benjamin Bickerstaff, who founded Klan groups in at least two Northeast Texas counties, and other Northeast Texans provides a micro-history of the larger whole that tried to retake power and defeat the process of Reconstruction.

Images of America: Greenville by Carol Taylor and the Hunt County Historical Commission
Softcover, 127 pgs.

An engrossing photo history of Greenville from its founding in 1847 through the early 20th century. The transition from isolated frontier village to the economic, social and cultural center of much of the area is the main focus of this book.

hunt county

Historic Hunt County: An Illustrated History by Milton Babb
Hardcover, 91 pgs.

An entertaining book that sheds new light on several aspects of Hunt County's rich history. Filled with photographs of early Hunt County residents and places.

way it was

The Way it Was 1920-1942 by Brad Waddle
Softcover, 171 pgs

Dr. Waddle's book depicts rural life in Hunt County during a time of great economic depression of this country. It details the families of Waddles, Dodsons and Taylors as they lived and died and how they helped shape and influence his life. It spans the communities of Jacobia, Neola and Black Cat Thicket while detailing mudball fights and threshing and church activities, schooldays in the one-room schoolhouses and life in the cotton field of a family struggling to make ends meet during a time when the entire nation was in an economic depression.


A Pictorial History of Commerce by Cheryl Westhafer and James Conrad
Softcover, 119 pgs.

The origins of Commerce, Texas trace back to the early 1850s and this little crossroads village became a regional trade center with extensive railroad connections, a college and numerous mercantile establishments. This pictorial history dramatizes this story with about 225 photos from the 1870s to 2010.


Blackland Memories: A Pictorial History of Greenville, Texas 1850-1950. Hunt County Historical Commission. Written & edited by Judy Woods & Sylvia Clemons
Hardcover, 132 pgs. Out of print, limited copies left.

Blackland Memories is a pictorial history of Greenville's first 100 years. It covers Greenville history from the date that the original deed was conveyed from McQuinney Howell Wright to create Greenville on March 22, 1850 to the centennial celebration of that event 100 years later. It contains 280 photographs, each chosen because of the glimpse it gives of early businesses, downtown street scenes, local people, common folk, ads from newspapers, college pictures, and photos that show what an integral part cotton played in the city's development.


Texas Blackland Heritage by Troy Crenshaw
Hardcover, 119 pgs. Out of print, limited copies left.

An entertaining blend of reminiscences and research. Mr. Crenshaw's personal account of life as it used to be in the region adds color to the description of Hunt County and the surrounding areas during the late 19th and early 20th century.

Yeoman, Sharecroppers, and Socialists: Plain Folk Protest in Texas, 1870-1914 by Kyle Wilkison
Hardcover, 213 pgs.

Insightful analysis of rural Texans and their problems as the state entered the 20th century. This book analyzes the interaction between yeoman, sharecroppers and socialists and breaks new ground in the social, economic and political history of Texas during a crucial era.


The Blackest Land The Whitest People: Greenville, Texas - The Untold Story of My Hometown by Brenda Huey
Softcover, 186 pgs.

Greenville is famous throughout the nation for the sign that used to hang on the main street downtown. The author relates what it was like being black and growing up in Greenville and provides a background and history of why things were the way they were and why things are still the way they are, especially between blacks.


Exploring the Edges of Texas by Walt and Isabel Davis
Hardcover, 239 pgs.

Called "the ultimate road trip," the Davises took a 4,000 mile journey around the border of Texas. Attaching personal stories from both visitors in the past and current visitors and residents, the authors compare Texas then to Texas now. Each of the chapters opens with original art by Walt and represents a segment of the Texas border.

Texas Women on the Cattle Trails by Sara Massey
Hardcover, 326 pgs.
ISBN: 978-1-58544-543-1

Depicts the colorful stories of 16 women who drove the cattle trail up from Texas. It tells of the diverse experiences that these women endured during the harsh frontier conditions.


With God's help: An Autobiography and Fond Memories of Jack Finney by Jack Finney
Softcover, 327 pgs.

From an early age, Jack Finney learned a strict work ethic that allowed him access to many interesting people and opportunities - construction, showing horses and investment. Posthumously published, the book was Jack's wish to share his memories, perhaps to enlighten or inspire others to understand that with God's help all things are possible.


Images of America:  Around Farmersville by Pansy Hundley
Softcover, 126 pages
ISBN:  978-0-7385-7971-9

A pictorial account of a small town in Collin County of East Texas. In 1900, with 1856 people, Farmersville was the wealthiest Texas town of its size.  With its rich black soil, Farmersville was a hub of cotton production. Although farming has declined, the town has adjusted to that loss and thrives today without forgetting its farming roots.


Reaping a Greater Harvest:  African Americans, The Extension Service, and Rural Reform in Jim Crow Texas by Debra A. Reid
Hardcover, 194 pages
ISBN:  978-1-58544-571-4

Reid spotlights hierarchies of class and gender within the agriculture extension service. Her analysis demostrates how the same system that enabled the agents and the farmers they served to wield some political influence also kept them dependent on a racialized state that undervalued their contributions, co-opted their ideas, manipulated their appointments, discriminated against them, and maintained the white-dominated southern landscape.


Bale O’ Cotton:  The Mechanical Art of Cotton Ginning by Karen Gerhardt Britton
Hardcover, 125 pages
ISBN:  0-89096-510-2

A unique blend of fact and folklore about cotton ginning, this book traces the development of the industry, the equipment, and the techniques of this integral facet of American life from its beginnings in 1793, through its heyday in the Deep South, to its present technological peak.


Texas Roots:  Agriculture and Rural Life before the Civil War by C. Allan Jones
Softcover, 227 pages
ISBN:  1-58544-429-4

The economic wealth of modern Texas arose from its agricultural heritage, a rich mixture of practices and traditions including Caddo hunting, gathering, gardening and farming; irrigated agriculture at Spanish missions; Hispanic ranching; slave-based plantations; and small-scale farmers and ranchers. As people adapted the agricultural technologies, laws and customs of New Spain, Mexico, Europe and the South to their own needs, the result was a particularly Texan system that served as the foundation for the state’s economic strength after the Civil War.

new deal

Texas, Cotton, and the New Deal by Keith J. Volanto
Hardcover, 146 pages
ISBN:  1-58544-402-2

The Great Depression created a major disruption in the cotton industry that threatened to destabilize the entire state of Texas. This book relates the story of the New Deal’s effort to aid Texas cotton farmers, specifically with the production-control policies introduced by the Agricultural Adjustment Administration.


Gateway to Texas:  History of Red River County by Martha Sue Stroud
Hardcover, 386 pages

Red River County’s colorful history will be of interest to anyone who likes history, not just those from that area. It begins in 1684 with LaSalle’s exploration and covers a period up to the 1940s. Texas under six flags, the Red River, Native Americans, pioneer families, the Civil War’s effects on Texas, early medicine, education and dwellings, cemeteries, and the Orphan Train are all discussed.


For Love of Country:  The Price of Freedom by Martha Sue Stroud
Hardcover, 532 pages
ISBN:  1-57168-945-1

America came into being because there were those who longed for freedom. This book recounts the history of bygone days when pioneers struggled to start our nation, the Civil War, WWI (stories of about 100 veterans), the Great Depression, and WWII. The last chapter tells about over 500 veterans of WWII, many from interviews with the veterans themselves and some from the families of those no longer living.


Prairie Time:  A Blackland Portrait by Matt White
Hardcover, 251 pages
ISBN:  978-1-58544-501-1

Helping us understand what a prairie is and how to appreciate its beauty and importance, the author also increases our awareness of prairies, past and present, so that we might champion their survival in whatever small plots remain.